I consider myself an Artist Blacksmith and Bladesmith

I began my blacksmithing education in 2000 by taking a class at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina (www.FolkSchool.org).  When I returned I immediately began furnishing my smithy and attending meetings of the Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association of Georgia (www.AlexBealer.org).  I served three terms as president and have served on the Board of Directors of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (www.abana.org).

I now live in North East Tennessee and spend my time in the blacksmith shop making things that interest me as well as making knives. I sell a DVD about building Moe’s belt grinders, disk grinders and motors, VFDs and wiring kits for you to build your own grinder.  I also have products for sale for the construction of Gas Forges as well as free instructions for how I like to build gas forges .

Please note that all sales are FOB the shipper.  If you want your shipment insured be sure and ask that it be added to the shipping costs.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please visit my other pages to see items that I have to offer or contact me about specific items you would like to commission.